How we work

What do you expect for your money? By all means, a high degree of skill, reliability,

creativity, assistance for yourself and total focus on your topic?

In a nutshell: excellent value for money?

We offer all of that and much more! Plus - we work with a smile on our face!

And this is how it works:

It all starts with a vision - The briefing

The birth of an idea.

Just a brainchild yet, but already there.

We listen to you carefully - from the start.

We have a lot of patience and take you seriously.

We like to brainstorm with you as well.

And at some point, we know exactly what you want.

We might consider .....

Shouldn’t we .....?

One would have to .....

Then we’re off

The strategy - We call it the event's architecture

First off, we are looking for the basic idea.

For an idea, which - from the invitation to the grand finale -

is sustainable and strikes the core of the event’s goal.

It is only now that the creative fireworks is launched, in which

e.g. emotions revolve purposefully around the basic idea.

Because we want that your event

is simply flawless.

From start to finish

The concept - When it’s clear, where we are headed,

we bind together all the required tools.

Venue? Orchestration? Programs?

Artists? Caterer? Decoration?

Equipment? Staff? Transfer? Hotel?


When, where, how, what.

When you hold our concept in your hands,

it is feasible. And perfectly so.

Described in detail and easy to understand.

All aspects, all individual costs considered.

  No surprises.

The execution - Staying on top of things and thinking everything through.

We don’t believe in faith moving mountains. We prefer to leave that to others.

The mountains we are talking about lie between a brilliant

event concept and its successful execution.

For that, you need experience. Plenty of it. An aperitif served too warm can

change the whole atmosphere, an overloaded power grid can ruin the party.

That is why we believe nothing and check everything. Even the size of the

conference rooms and the performance of the toilet flushes.

A really great feeling

For your project, you have ONE contact for the whole time. Your project coordinator knows

at all times exactly what's the current status, including all the details. Supporting her is an

assistant, who is also in the middle of the action and who can fill in if required. So you can

be assured that we know you and your project, that no gaps occur and that everybody is

always on the same page.

Your partner, when it is about all or nothing.