Meeting point Bavaria

Bavaria on top - also for the meeting market!

The Bavarian way of life is highly appreciated and so it does

not take us by surprise that Bavaria has remained the number

one of German tourist destination for many many years.

Conferencing under the white and blue sky of Bavaria is always a memorable experience!

High tech in Bavaria

Without losing its down-to-earth mentality, Bavaria has become a notable high tech destination. Bavaria is

home to huge internationally operating companies (Audi, BMW, Siemens), medium-sized internationally

competitive companies, handcraft and service provider. Across the country Bavaria offers

a future-orientated industry structure: biological and genetic engineering, information and communication

(Apple, Yahoo), development of new materials, engineering, environmental and medical technologies.

Location for international exhibitions

With our three locations for international fairs and exhibitions, Munich, N¨rnberg and Augsburg, and other regional sites,

Bavaria offers more than 800,000 square metres of ideas. Over 25 leading fairs with international interest and importance

take place in Bavaria. 4 million visitors from more than 180 different countries use Bavaria for this purpose. With a share

of over 25% of Germany’s business travel market, Bavaria is also the leader in this section.

Bavaria - the number one incentive destination in Germany.

Clichés like beer and huge beersteins, pretzel and "Weißwurst"

(special Bavarian sausage), Oktoberfest and Munich,

"Lederhose" and King Louis are authentic and beloved

realities. But Bavaria has a lot of different faces. Each

region has its own strength and characteristic features.

There is a lot to discover: the big variety of different landscapes,

culture - more than 1100 collections and museums, 218 theatres

and all sort of possibilities for leisure time. There is a lot to experience

before, during and after meetings and conferences and plenty of

possibilities for very special and memorable incentives.

We offer tailor-made programmes - in castles, monasteries, vineyards or

in breweries, at the waterfront or somewhere outside close to the nature or in

a city - we have numerous ideas for incentives and supporting programmes.

Outdoor & Indoor

  Sport & Culture

Summer & Winter

Bavaria is always the best choice!

Your partner, when it is about all or nothing.